Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I need to paint my car hood at home?

i have 1987 acura legend and i want to paint the hood at home the color gloss black. i dont have money for expensive paint guns or anything i just want to use spray paint in a can. what kind of spray paint shoud i use? what kind of primer do i need? please help im a first timer. thanksI need to paint my car hood at home?
It usually doesn't work well to use a can, not enough coverage quick enough. By the time you are done with one side the other side will be dry, and the overspray will not ';melt in'; Don't use rustoleum, or any store brand. at least go to a real auto paint store and get the paint from them. hardware store paint will not work!!! dont waste your time, or money. Go to the library to get a book on painting, or look up advice to do it. The first time may not turn out, you might have to let it dry, and re-spray it once you get the hang of it.I need to paint my car hood at home?
Well, don't expect great results doing this with rattle can paint... But, if you use Krylon or Dupli-Color and prep the hood well before applying the primer, it will come out ok. If you have the money to do so, prime , paint and then clear coat the hood with a good quality urethane clear.

This will make the paint shine better and hold up to sunlight and weather better.

Good luck
Check these 2 websites. Both specialize in rattle can painting.
use rustolium but be sure to give it about 3 coats and then another 4 of a clear gloss coating
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